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  • Consult Asia Business Solutions and Advisory Services
  • Consult Asia Business Solutions and Advisory Services
  • Consult Asia Business Solutions and Advisory Services

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Acing your Interview

You finally got the call you’ve been waiting for- a request for an interview! Now what do you do next? How do you impress a potential employer? Here are some tips to help make your interview a breeze:

  1. Be Prepared! Learn as much as you can about the company you’re applying at, their products, leaders, mission, and culture. Nowadays, most of this information is just a click away. Visit the company website and read articles about the company and its industry. This will also help you prepare for some potential questions that could be asked during the interview.
  2. Dress to Impress! A huge part of the interviewer’s initial impression of you will be from how you are dressed. Dress professionally. Nothing skimpy or sloppy. And ladies, practice moderation when it comes to make-up.
  3. Do not be late! Arriving late is not only unprofessional, it will also send the message that you don’t really care about the job or the time of your interviewer. It is best to arrive at the venue at least twenty minutes early. This will give you some leeway to retouch your make-up, comb your hair and just make sure that you are as presentable as you can be.
  4. Relax! Nerves are a normal element in this setting, but try not to fidget and maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Just breathe and remember all the research and preparation that you did. Keep your strengths in mind and focus on highlighting them when possible.
  5. And lastly, Smile! At the beginning of the interview, during certain points of the interview and after the interview. This interview is not an avenue for you to complain about you previous employment or your lack of one. Stay positive and don’t psyche yourself out of the interview by worrying about the next questions. And remain gracious no matter how you thought the interview went. Thank your interviewer for his time and say that you’ll be looking forward to hearing from him.

There is no sure-fire way of preparing for an interview. There is still a chance that you’ll get thrown a curveball or that your nerves will get the better of you. Just maintain a positive and go-getter attitude and impress the hiring manager with your confidence and outlook.


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